Quality Horses For Show & Pleasure
Majestic Mountain Ranch is a horse breeding and training ranch located in Central Oregon. We breed Arabians, Tennessee Walking Horse, American Quarter Horse, American Paint Horse, and Miniature Horses.

We practice the natural horsemanship training techniques of Pat Parelli and Clinton Anderson with all of our horses. All of our foals are human imprinted at birth using the imprinting training methods of DVM Robert M. Miller.

We believe that horses are for far more than just riding! We build true bonds of friendship with each of our horses using love, language & leadership during grooming, ground work, and games. In doing so we have AMAZING partners under us when we ride.
Call or email us to learn more about our horses or our breeding and training program. If you’re in Central Oregon, and you would like to make an appointment to come visit Majestic Mountian Ranch and meet our horses, please give us a call.

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